Hello, beauty enthusiast!   Are you ready to delve into the captivating evolution of brow enhancement? If you're already familiar with microblading, prepare to be introduced to the next level of artistic ingenuity: hyperrealism brows. This remarkable technique takes the concept of enhancing your eyebrows and elevates it to an entirely new realm – one that celebrates the beauty of imperfection in

I want to celebrate the women who are an integral part of my business. Without them, I wouldn't have the same motivation to get up every morning. They are truly the driving force behind this business venture. While it's fulfilling to have a bustling schedule and interact with diverse clients, nothing compares to the support and camaraderie of having amazing teammates

Introduction: When considering permanent makeup (PMU), some individuals may feel apprehensive due to concerns about undesirable colour outcomes, such as red brows or grey tones. Understanding the reasons behind these colour challenges and finding effective solutions is essential for a successful PMU experience. In this blog, we will explore the factors that can cause colour variations in PMU and provide specific


Beautiful permanent makeup is an art, not a treatment.