PERFECT MAKEUP. Permanent makeup for Grown Ups

Ashlene MacCormack and the client

In the vast cosmos of beauty professionals, Ashlene from Perfect Makeup emerges as a luminous beacon. She’s not just another artist; she’s a master of permanent makeup, crafting lasting beauty that transcends time.

Competing at the international level, Ashlene may not have clinched the crown yet, but her prowess showcases that she’s in the elite league. The global stage isn’t forgiving; only the best dare to step on it. And in that challenging arena, Ashlene’s skills in permanent makeup shine brilliantly, echoing a promise of excellence to her clientele. WULOP and upcoming Browista permanent makeup championships is keeping Ashlene very motivated to improve every day and work hard on perfecting her skills.

While many wield brushes and powders, Ashlene’s tools are more profound. With pigment and needles, she etches beauty, ensuring it doesn’t just wash away, but stays, enhancing one’s features day in, day out. This isn’t fleeting glamour but lasting elegance.

But Ashlene’s talent goes beyond the technical. She possesses an uncanny ability to decode the desires of real women. She understands that true beauty emanates from confidence and authenticity. With every delicate stroke of her needle, she brings to life the visions of her clients, boosting their confidence and ensuring they carry a piece of her artistry wherever they go.

Her warm and friendly demeanor makes every visit feel like a rendezvous with an old friend, yet the transformation she offers is nothing short of miraculous.

For the discerning women of our locale, Ashlene is more than a choice; she’s a statement. A statement that you value enduring beauty, that you have a taste for the finer things in life. Why settle for the ordinary when you can wear art?

*To the women with impeccable taste, make the choice that reflects your standards. Visit Ashlene at Perfect Makeup and let your beauty journey be a lasting testament to your elegance.*

Browista championship Ashlene MAC

Ashlene will be representing the UK as a semi-finalist,
at the upcoming Worldwide Browista Championships in Amsterdam next year.


Beautiful permanent makeup is an art, not a treatment.