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Congratulations on your new permanent makeup!

Here are some important aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results, keep in mind that
aftercare is a crucial aspect of the healing process and can affect the final results of the procedure.

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Use a cotton tip to apply balm as required. Some procedures do not require aftercare and should be left to dry heal. In both instances pat dry with sterile swabs or clean tissue to remove lymph fluid for the hours following your procedure. Don’t touch with your fingers. Bathe lightly with cotton wool and tepid boiled water to remove any fluid build up. (no more than 3 times a day). Do not touch with your fingers.

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Only use the product provided if you are advised to use a product. Bathe am and pm with tepid boiled water and clean cotton pads to eliminate any lymph build up in the first few days. Continue to use product until the area has healed. If you dry heal, you may start to use an emollient like sterile vaseline after day 3 when the area becomes dry and itchy. This will alleviate the tightness in the skin and prevent unsightly scabbing.


PRO TIP: When you do experience itching use the back of your hand to apply pressure, this avoids bacteria from your fingertips.

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Only use the product provided if you are advised to use a product. Apply twice daily or as needed until area has healed and skin is no longer rough and tight. Use the sterile eyedrops a couple of hours after treatment to alleviate discomfort. Use drops am and pm keep the eye clean and clear of any residue pigment.


Do not put contact lenses in until 24 hours post treatment ensuring all the eye drop advice above has been followed.

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AVOID HOT DRINKS AND SPICY OR ACIDIC FOOD until healed. Leave to dry heal. Morning and evening bathe lightly with cotton wool and tepid boiled water to remove any fluid build up. Start using sterile vaseline around day 3 / 4 to help soften the skin once the first layer has exfoliated.

The area is still healing so keep it as sterile as possible.

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Do not apply anything over the treated area for 5 plus days. Apply around the procedure as normal and remove carefully without disturbing the pigment.

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No direct exposure for seven days. We recommend using “total sun block” once the area has healed.

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Avoid touching the treated area directly. Blot dry with a clean tissue, do not rub.

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Allow healing to establish before recommencing.

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There may be some swelling on the day or the following day. This is a normal part of the healing process. Mild swelling may occur to the eyebrows. Eyeliners will usually swell the following day and appear as if you have been crying. This will pass within a few hours to a few days. Lips can be tender and slightly swollen for a few days. More substantial swelling occurs where lip fillers are present.


Ice packs and ibuprofen post-treatment can be beneficial.


PRO TIP: use a clean silk eye mask to sleep in to avoid touching or disturbing eyeliner and eyebrows during the healing stage.

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This is a sign that the skin is healing. The excess colour exfoliates naturally around day seven. For brows you can gently slough excess pigment away with a clean dry flannel if it begins to look patchy. Sterile vaseline can be used after day 3 when the skin feels very tight and dry. Remember to use the back of your hand if you need to apply pressure. No fingers.

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The pigment will appear very obvious, dark or intense until around day seven if we use non organic pigments. The skin will exfoliate and the colour will look lighter and softer. The procedure will look slightly darker or with lip colours, much brighter, with the use of organic pigments. All colours will settle around day 7 to 10.


7 to 10 days after your new procedures; expect some unevenness of colour which will be addressed in the inclusive re-touch appointment.

Ghosting – sometimes the pigment disappears and then reappears a few weeks later. Do not be alarmed if there appears to be no pigment once the surface heals. If it does not come back the inclusive follow up appointment will address any loss and we will adjust the treatment application accordingly.

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Please attend your inclusive follow up appointment, or scheduled assessment so we can make any changes necessary and document how the your procedure has healed. This helps us build a picture of your unique response to treatment and improve our service to you over time. Just like a new hairdresser needs to get to know your hair, we build a knowledge and relationship with your skin and healing.

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Use a good sun screen. Avoid the use of glycolic, retinol or peels over the pigment as this will increase exfoliation and the fading of colour.


Book your next appointment now, even if that is a year away for an assessment. We may ask you to come back in 6 months so we can monitor the colour in your skin.


We suggest annual top-ups, but every skin and implantation is unique. Please get in contact for a free assessment as soon as you think the color is changing or fading. Let’s keep your PMU beautiful and in the best condition together!

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If you have any concerns or problems please get in touch by WhatsApp on 07970290009 and someone will get straight back to you.


If you see bleeding or puss you have an infection and you need to go to your pharmacy or GP.


Beautiful permanent makeup is an art, not a treatment.