Achieving Beauty Naturally


We all know that getting ready to present ourselves to the world with confidence takes time and effort. You've come to the right place if you are looking for solutions that last for months to years.

Now there is a secret to reverse the signs of aging and restore firmer 'better fitting skin' that radiates and glows.

Your makeup can be on point everyday with an array of techniques, colours and styles. Imagine having professionally applied makeup to define your eyes, lips and brows just as you want them.

At Perfect Makeup, we use the latest techniques, precision instruments and technology to create the perfect look for you. With more than a decade of skill and experience, there is nothing a pencil can create that our permanent makeup can’t. Knowing you can always look the way you want is a wonderful feeling. Now your makeup won't smear, smudge or fade and you’ll never have to re-apply.
Find out more about how you can achieve natural beauty so effortlessly and how perfect makeup can change your life.

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BRAND NEW – The ultimate non-surgical face lifting & body contouring treatment


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound also known as ‘HIFU’ offers the latest technology in non-surgical facelift and body contouring treatments. As a one-off facial treatment it delivers lifting, tightening and creates new collagen which promotes a youthful, healthy glow that lasts.

There is no “down” or recovery time with results developing over the course of 2-3 months, so no sudden changes to your appearance. The overall result lasts approximately 1-2 years.

For clients who want their body contours back, this non-surgical treatment tightens and lifts skin, can give circumference reduction and is ideal to target stubborn areas that have not responded to the gym and other aesthetic treatments. Ultraformer III delivers exceptional results without going under the knife.

If you’re searching for a face-uplift, neck tightening and wrinkle reduction, skin tightening of the upper arms, inner thighs, stomach…. without the surgery, Ultraformer III can provide the solution.


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